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Functionalities of the zone:

-Options in the Model View Options Combination
-Viewdependent Offset and rotation
-Duplicates zonestamps
-Automatic Storynumber
-Multiline at zonename
-Zone name
-Zone number
-Zone ID
-Category Code
-Measured Area
-Calculated Area
-Zone height
-Finishes IMPROVED in ArchiCAD 16-version!!
-Occupancy load IMPROVED in ArchiCAD 16-version!!
-Urban areas
-Databases NEW in ArchiCAD 16-version!!
-User Interface NEW in ArchiCAD 16-version!!
-2D Representation
-Parameters for listing

Save money with Total Zone (Return on Investment calculation)


Options in the Model View Options Combination^
The options which are available in the Model View Options (see image below) are stored in a Model View Options Combinations. Per view a different combination can be used, which can show a different look for the zonestamp for each view.

-Set the font size of the zonename and for other details
-Set alignment and frame
-Set the information and order. There are 8 slots which can hold any of the information provided (zonename, zone number, category, Measured area, Calculated area, Flooring, Perimeter, Zone height, Volume, Dimensions, Finishes, Urban area, Custom text 1, Custom text 2)


Example of a few different Model View Options Combinations:


(eclick to enlarg)


Viewdependent Offset and rotation: ^
Zonestamp are sometimes blocking other elements, but in only in some views. Total Zone offers 2 methods of viewdependent placement. One method is to rotate the zone only for a particular view, the second method is an offset to the original origin for a particular view. 
(click to enlarge)

Total Zone can make a duplicate of the zonestamp where ever you want. Especially if you have large spaces it is desired to show the zone-data at another spot too.


Automatic Storynumber^
Total Zone can insert the storynumber automatically.

TotalZone_Example_autofloor TotalZone_Parameters_story_number_16

Multiline at zonename^
Some zonenames do not fit in the area reserved for it. Activating the multiline-option will break a long word at a designated hyphen-sign. This option is also available in the MVOC, which makes it view dependent.

TotalZone_Parameters_multiline_16 TotalZone_Example_multiline

The zonenumber can in front of the zonename, instead of on new line.

Finishes: ^ IMPROVED in ArchiCAD 16-version
Total Zone can display the finishes of a room. Simply input the different codes for finishes in the User Interface for your room. If a field is empty it will not show on the floorplan. The number of displayed finishes can be extended to six. With the Model View options Combination Total Zone has the ability to show the finishes in one view and not in another.

With the ArchiCAD 16-version the possibility is added to choose your code from a list. After choosing your code, the description is shown. This minizes errors!

TotalZone_UIfinishes_16 TotalZone_ExampleFinishes

Occupancy load^ IMPROVED in ArchiCAD 16-version
Total Zone can automatically calculate the occupancyload per zone. Input the needed area per person. Based on 'gross area' or 'net area' the number of people is calculated. This amount can be used in schedules.
TotalZone_Parameters_occupancy_2_16 TotalZone_Parameters_occupancy_1_16TotalZone_Example_occupancy

Dimensions: ^
Total Zone enables you to graphically (or manual) indicate the length and width. In case of a rectangular shape, only the width needs to be set. The length will be automatically calculated. 
The dimensions will be shown in your own units and can also be completed with the height of the room.
TotalZone_hotspotsdimensionsmall TotalZone_Parameters_dimension_16

(click to enlarge)

Urban areas: ^
Acres and Hectares are no standard ArchiCAD units. Total Zone can display these in your zone ánd in your schedule for calculation purposes.


Databases: ^ NEW in ArchiCAD 16-version
There are four database options. With this option you can compare the current Layer, Zone Name or Zone Category with a small database (text file with 2 columns). If it is found it will display the result in the column beside it.

(1) enter the name of the database
(2) choose a trigger (Layer, Zone Name or Zone Category), the layer in this example 
(3) in the database the current layer is found
(4) the result is found and shown in the Total Zone


User Interface: ^ NEW in ArchiCAD 16-version
A User Interface with plenty of tooltip is new in the version for ArchiCAD 16

2D Representation: ^
Many options are available. Each segment can be set individually with fonttype, style, color and frame.



Parameters for listing: ^
All parameters are available for schedules: acres, dimensions. A special parameter is available with all used finishes in one zone:


Also a special parameter which calculates a given price per area multiplied by the area. With this option you can quickly generate a cost estimate.


(click to enlarge)

The download includes demo-schedules.

Does this object almost suit your needs or do you need extra options, for instance a different marker type? Please contact us and we will make a non-binding cost estimate.

 References: ^

"the Total Zone zone-stamp is very functional and a valuable addition to my ArchiCAD library."
Evangelo B. Kalmantis / Integral Architecture inc.

"That zone stamp is magnificent."
Sedley Jeffers / Roger Downing & Partners /

We bought the Total Zone stamp a little while back, and though it's fantastic, it did have a specific issue with which we struggled somewhat (...) this morning he just sent us an updated version of the Total Zone stamp which now allows for 3-line Zone Name display - gratis!
Gerard R. Falla / Mogavero Notestine Associates /

Save Money with Total Zone ^
Total Zone makes many actions redundant, avoids manual drawing of texts and errorenous scheduling.

An estimation of the benefits of Total Zone in a small project with 20 rooms over 3 stories.
-duplicating zones: 10 minutes
-manual storynumbers: 3 minutes
-manual drawing and scheduling of finishes: 15 minutes
-calculation and scheduling of occupancy load: 30 minutes
-calculation and scheduling of urban areas: 30 minutes
-calculation of a cost estimate: 60 minutes
-many other actions . . .

Based on 5 projects a year this will save you roughly US$ 600,- / € 440,- / GBP 370,- . (5 * 148min * $50)

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