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The Total Keynote consist of 2 objects, one for placement of notes (Total Keynote) and one to display a list of all placed notes (Total Keynote List).

General Use

1-Place Total Keynote object to display notes selected from a self-made list
2-Control how these notes appear with Model View Options 
3-List all of these notes for placement onto a layout or other windows.

Key Features:

1 - fast placement 
2 - highly adjustable representation
3 - view dependent representation
4 - listing of keynotes of a project
5 - easy maintenance of the source of your notes6 - value for money

1 - fast placement

Placing Keynotes is easy, there are more ways of choosing the right keynote. Either select it from the settings or straight in the floor plan:


Keynotes can be also selected from the Settings dialog. To prevent long selection lists a filter can be set.



2 - highly adjustable representation

The appearence is fully adjustable:

2D_settings Markers Leader

Up to 20 leaders on both sides:



Not only the keynote number can be shown, but many combinations of Keynote numbers, names, (short) description and custom texts.


3 - view dependent representation

Both Appearance and Data can be controlled either by object settings or by the Model View Options (Document / Set Model View / Model View Options Combinations). This way the keynote can have a view-dependent representation.


4 - listing of keynotes of a project

Once your project has a number of Total Keynotes they can be listed with a simple procedure. This needs a little preparation, but then it can be published with one click and shown in the Total Keynote List-object.


Of course the list is fully adjustable, up to 5 columns, and adjustable headers.



(click to enlarge)


5 - easy maintenance of the source of your notes

The Total Keynote uses a simple text file (Database) with all your keynotes. It can be made yourself and is easily maintained. Also it can be updated for each project as the project grows.


6 - value for money


The Total Keynote is purchased as site-license, meaning one purchase can be used for the entire office.

The Total Keynote is an object, not an add-on. Generally objects can be used in future version without the need for an update.



You can place keynotes anywhere, but they can only be listed when they are placed on the Floor Plan, Elevations, Sections, Interior Elevations and Worksheets.


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