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Functionalities of the marker:

Marker Shapes
Marker Types
Leaf Marker
Special Marker
Story number
Zone information
Orientation to the Sun
Parameters for Listing
Combine information
Model View OptionsAll information

The Total Marker works for any door or window from the official Graphisoft Libraries .


Marker Shapes ^


Note: these are just the basic shapes. If you desire another shape (for example diamond or octagon) don't hesitate to contact us.

Marker Types ^

There are 11 different marker types. Basicly it holds 1 line or 2 lines, with the frame around the first line or both lines.

Leaf Marker:

These types follow the leaf of a door automatically. They marker will always be inside the direction of the door opening ánd follow the opening angle.

Center Door Marker:

These types will always be in the middle of the door opening, no matter which action is taken.

Outside Marker:

This marker is also for Windows and is placed outside the wall of a door or window.

Special Marker ^
With one line above and two below

Appearance ^
The marker can be adjusted in any way you like.



Readability ^
All marker are set to readable at all times, even if the floorplan is rotated. The Center Door and Outside -Marker have a special option to be always horizontal (orientation of the Floor Plan included).


(click for larger format)

Story number ^
-The Story Number can be shown right next to your ID (or anything else). Also the storynumber can b adjusting with any number (for instance, story number 1 can be shown as 101)

Zone information ^
-The zone name, zone number and zone category code can be shown in the marker. In ArchiCAD 14 and higher the zone number of the room the door swings into is shown (In ArchiCAD 13 the zone information can be manually switched)

Orientation to the Sun ^
-The Total Marker can show the orientation to the Project North (S,SW,N, NE etc).

Dimensions ^
-Choose any dimension width and height (Unit, egress, wallhole, sill, reveal, leaf and more) to be shown in correct units

Parameters for Listing ^
-Any parameter from the Paramaters for Listing can be shown, even the ones not in the Door User Interface.

Combine information ^
You can combine information to be shown into two lines. Many types of information can be shown in the marker. You can choose 3 different automatic bits of information and combine them with prefix, suffix and seperators. 

Model View Options ^
A very special feature of the Total Marker is the Model View Options. The appearance and information in the marker can be controlled in a global manner. With storing the settings in a Model View Option Combination you can create multiple views in which the marker show different information. In one view you want to only show the ID, in another the Leaf dimension and yet another the orientation to the sun combined with the glass surface.


It is even possible to control 4 types of markers for different door/ window types. For example you can show different data for interior doors than for exterior doors!


All information which can be shown: ^

Story number
Zone name
Zone code
Zone number
Wallhole width
Wallhole height
Unit width
Unit height
Egress width
Egress height
Threshold height
Sill height
Acoustic rating
Hardware set
Orientation to the Sun
Header detail
Jamb detail
Sill detail
Hardware Keyside Room No.
Operation Type
Total glass area
Total Glass Perimeter
Heat Transfer Rate
Group Type
Inventory No.
Serial No.
Production Year
Object Weight
User Defined 1
User Defined 2
User Defined 3
User Defined 4
User Defined 5
Frame Thickness
Reveal width
Reveal height
Leaf width
Leaf height
Leaf thickness

Do you want more? Just ask!


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