Object Slicer


Typically, when you have created an object yourself using the ArchiCAD automatic object-making functionality (Custom Component method or 'Save 3D model As'), the Floorplan symbol is static. You can modify the 2D symbol, but it cannot be Story-and Cut Plane-sensitive. With the Object Slicer the selected object will be cut precisely at the current Cut Plane height.


The floor plan display with the standard ArchiCAD methods: Projected / Projected with Overhead / Cut Only.


The projection can be set with: Entire Element / Floor Plan Range / Absolute Display Limit.


The ability to show the element on desired stories only.

Show_On_Stories From_To

The ability to show the element on desired stories only.

Rotation of the object in 2 axes.

Full control of pens and fills.





"I'm very happy with the Mesh Generator and Object Slicer ... Thanks for your amazing job."
José Gomez / Garquitectos / www.garquitectos.com

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