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Steps to create a complex shaped mesh

1. Open the Mesh Generator in ArchiCAD 14 (and up) and set the curve you want. Place the object with the Rotated Diagonal method. This way you can choose the direction and length immediately. In the floorplan a projection of the elevation is shown for easy understanding the geometry.


2. Adjust the height and size or refer to other Mesh Generators


3. Important: select all objects and open the settings (the points are now entered) and close with OK.

4. Generate the Mesh Generator Schedule and save it as a text-file.


5. In the created text-file all the " ; "-marks need to be replace by a carriage return. On windows you can do this with Notepad++ on MAC with TextEdit.

6. Open the text file in ArchiCAD, Options / Place Mesh from Surveyors Data

7. Done!


8 When the option Generate lower surface is on, a thickness can be set. Generate 'Lower Surface'-schedule and a new mesh can be generated. The meshes can be substracted with Solid Element Operation, leaving a shell-shape with constant thickness.



Requirements: ArchiCAD 14

Does this object almost suit your needs or do you need extra options, for instance a different marker type? Please contact us and we will make a non-binding cost estimate.

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