Elevation Dimension


Download Demo Elevation Dimension (ArchiCAD 16)
(Limited to two stories)

The Elevation Dimension is an object which has to be placed in a Section or Elevation. It automatically finds all stories and dimensions them. All regular ArchiCAD markertypes are available (instead of one in the built-in story marker).

The text that is displayed can be configured yourself. You can show these data:
-Story Number
-Story Name
-Story Height
-Height to Project Zero
-Height to 1st Reference Level
-Height to 2nd Reference Level
-Name 1st Reference Level
-Name 2nd Reference Level
-4 times Custom text.

All heights can displayed in any format available in the Project Preferences/Dimensions.

Any combination can be made, above and below the dimension marker line.

There is a special option which can be used in exceptions to replace the autmated text at certain height by a custom text.

Beside the dimension at the story heights, you can also create new dimension by using the editable hotspots. These can be placed anywhere.

Each dimension has a witness line (including an offset to endpoint) and also the horizontal position of each dimension can be modified with an editable hotspot.


Does this object almost suit your needs or do you need extra options, for instance a different marker type? Please contact us and we will make a non-binding cost estimate.


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