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Create any number of lists using the ArchiCAD interactive schedules and publish them into simple text-files. These text-files are loaded and processed in the actual Building Cost Calculator-object. The Building Cost Calculator-objects are in turn combined in a schedule.


Any kind of data can be extracted with schedules. For instance the length of Objects, perimeter of Zones, volume of Wall Skins or number of placed Objects. The schedules are turned into view and these can be arranged in Publish Sets. The Schedules are then exported to Tabbed Text Files on a local or network location. The list are then loaded (one-time process only) into the Library Manager. Then a special story is made on which the Building Cost Calculator-objects are placed. The objects refer to the loaded text-files to get their data. The data is further processed and multiplied by cost of units. All this can be prepared in an office template.

Demo Library and Example File


Step 1: Create Schedules
Step 2: Combine multiple schedules
Step 3: Load the lists
Step 4: Place Building Cost Calculator Objects
Step 5: Schedule all Building Cost Calculators

Step 1:
Create schedules
Example_Roof_Fascia_Schedule Example_Roof_Insulation_Schedule

Example_Roof_Joist_Hangers_Schedule Morph_Building_Scheme

Step 2
Combine multiple schedules in a Publish Set and publish


Step 3 
Load the lists with the Library Manager


(If a text file is already existent, it is not necessary to reload, only refresh)

Step 4 
Place Building Cost Calculator Objects in a specially reserved Story


The Building Cost Calculator can process the data from the schedule. For instance, Component Schedule can only extract Volumes and Thickness, not Areas of skin. So create a schedule with volume and thickness. In the Building Cost Calculator you can divided the Volume by the Thickness theregore calculating the Area.

Then the result (Volume/Area/Length/Piece) is mulitplied by a unit price to calculate a Total Amount.

Step 5
Schedule all Building Cost Calculator-objects in a new Schedule


If you have to recalculate by a change in the design, then the list needs to be (partially) republished and the schedule refreshed. Refreshing is done by 'Run parameter script of Library parts' and 'Rebuild and Regenerate'. These require the Special Menu to be activated:

Instructions Special Menu  
Link Special Menu


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