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Master Script (ArchiCAD BIM service) is a company that helps you to get the best out of the ArchiCAD. ArchiCAD is a powerful tool for architects, contractors and drafting offices. If Master Script develops your ArchiCAD objects, it will improve your productivity dramatically.

Founder ing. J. de Bruin has many years of experience in various architectural companies, in which the architects used the standard CAD packages as an electronic drawing boards. The consequences of the poor implementation and limitations of the software are mistakes, wasting of time and unnecessary repetitions by the user.

The release of ArchiCAD changed all this. This software takes the 3D building model as a starting point and from that all drawings can be generated. The goal of Master Script is to support architects, architectural drafting offices and contractors in the optimal use of ArchiCAD by offering you tailor-made objects.

Please use our services and save costs and time!

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